Content AI/BI  Services with AI  Business Intelligence  With our range of BI solutions available on cloud, on premises or in hybrid deployments,  companies can collect, analyze and convert complex big data into reports that helps companies  gain valuable insights on their overall growth, sales and customer behavior which in turn helps  them take better and more informed business decisions.  Integration of AI models & Development with your data  We at Orange ensure seamless integration of AI solutions with your data.

Big Data Solutions

Orange offers complete Big Data Analytics to assist companies in quick decision making,  discovering new business opportunities and leveraging insight for competitive advantage. In short, Orange provides sale and platform readiness through Big Data Engineering capabilities to  accelerate business growth by analyzing data

AI and DevOps

We will in general consider them synonymously, and there is a decent interdependency between  them.

DevOps is a business-driven way to deal with conveying programming. Artificial intelligence  makes up the innovation that incorporates into that framework. Computer based intelligence has  two convergence focuses: with the apparatuses DevOps groups use and the general population  who run them.

HRMS into AI

We can help companies integrate AI with HR in many aspects some of which could be  automation of tedious time consuming tasks, the augmentation of human capabilities and  amplification of human resource functions like sourcing, interviewing, on-boarding, coaching and  employee engagement.

ERP and BI

Services  Orange has proven experience across multiple domains and technology platforms and its ERP  and BI solutions have made data acquisition and related operations more efficient. Businesses  are now able to get real time data which in turn is helping them to strategize and take quick  decisions. In order to produce meaningful results, Orange uses Data Visualization tools like IBM  Cognos, Tableau, SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView.

AI and BI

In the event that a program is versatile to the end client’s needs, at that point, unavoidably, the  program would organize lessening wellsprings of human mistake. That implies streamlining  corporations among AI and people—and that activity will never again exclusively depend on  individuals.

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