Orange Asset Manager Software

Orange Asset Manager helps you Tracking, Cost variation, monitor and control your assets throughout their different years and entire life cycle.

Key Features

  • Barcode generation is done by system itself.
  • Good graphical user interface for easily Data Entry.
  • Facility for maintaining three levels of assets.
  • Attach all asset related information to asset records.
  • Main Types of depreciation methods.
  • Will manage all the company wise, transaction year wise records.

Your Assets can be numbered automatically from one a number sequence or you can set up different number sequences for different assets. You can customize the set up of the number allocation. It is also possible to use the allocation of bar codes. And in transaction there is some specific series is continually running so any one can easily track the transaction with approx month – year events.

  1. Managing Your Assets :
    You can manage your assets throughout their entire life cycle and simplify your accounting procedures. Your fixed assets can be acquired, depreciated, Addition, Sales part, disposed of or transferred to other assets. Each asset can be set up for several parallel life cycles that can be used for independent recording of asset values for external accounting, tax, management accounting, consolidation and other purposes. Creation of different types of asset transactions is available.
  2. Depreciation Calculation :
    Fixed assets can be depreciated in a two way’s Depreciation methods include ‘straight line’, ‘reducing balance’, these are common for all kinds of asset and showing as monthly depreciation value. The systematic allocation of the depreciable amount is of an asset over its useful life.
  3. Purchase Asset Register :
    Gives you a detailed information about the purchases made during the year along with cost break – up manufacturers / suppliers name and address etc.
  4. Disposing of Fixed Assets :
    Asset Manger provides disposing of asset with current value and all calculate depreciation for easily find out we can get profit or loss on asset disposal. And as per we can post voucher in the system about accounting effect.
  5. Accessing Information :
    You have instant access to in-depth information, which you can choose to include in reporting. Customized and number of standard reports are available in the system.
  6. Asset Reminders :
    Asset Manager gives four types of reminders like Asset AMC, Asset Insurance, Asset Warranty and Asset In-Out Track reminder. We can stop or show detail of all reminders on the first screen it self.
  7. Asset Maintenance Plan :
    We can create maintenance plan as per selected criteria and we can generate asset‘s plan as per that maintenance plan and we can track that it was done and if there is some problem regarding that we can do come corrective action. There is also break down transaction to monitor all problem related particular actions.
  8. Asset Expenses :
    This is tracking of asset expense which values should be capitalized for asset transaction purpose. We can increase value as per we got effect. We can increase book value and also depreciation effect.
  9. Asset Sales Part :
    Gives you detailed information about the Sales part made during the year along with cost break – up customer name like if we replace car’s batteries then old given batteries entry will be sales part of asset and new value should be expense of asset. So we can track and manage the account accordingly. This transaction will reduce value of asset book value.
  10. Asset Verification :
    Physical verification of assets is a very important objective. The system can not only help keep a record of when the asset was last verified, but can also maintain the status of the asset at that time. So later on a report can be taken out wherein you can see that the some Printer is in a Not-Working Status since 2 years and thus can be scrapped.
  11. Using Information :
    You are able to save and attach electronic images of documents, pictures and other records to individual assets. This is a significant time saver that makes it faster and easier to manage assets in a secured environment.
  12. Asset Reports :
    Various types of Reports are also generated from the system. Cost and Depreciation details can be available individual asset wise, Department wise, Location wise, Unit wise etc for cost analysis and also tracking of asset.
  13. Asset Month Year Closing :
    Once we find that all the relate transaction are done to this asset then we can close that month so no one can modify past data so we can secure the data. And also restrict user to make some entry related mistakes.
  14. Customized Report Generation :
    This is main feature of this system we can generate report on some predefine data’s value as per our daily needs and some time very important to find out. We can also save this type of customize report so any time just click on it. It will open that selected criteria. We can also set printer and look of asset in many ways and easily access and create new reports.
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