Leave management in any organization is one mammoth task and the process in itself is an
arduous task. Right from employee interaction, manual sorting to maintenance of documents,
each process consumes substantial portion of HR’s man-hours. HR has to manually track leave
application in an excel sheet with numerous tabs which complicates the whole process. Such
manual handling of leave management can cascade into a snowball of errors that may stir up an
avalanche of inaccuracies and compliance issues. More so, paper forms, emails, excel sheets
are not secure enough to store critical information. So do you think that such leave management
tools are useful and can manage employee time off request in a fair, accurate and efficient way?
We are Orange believe that there should be an easier alternative to stay clear of administrative,
legal and payroll pitfalls and so we built a robust leave management module integrated with our
Payroll and HRMS software which would simplify leave management and add value by
streamlining Organization’s leave data. Built for user friendliness, Orange Payroll and HRMS
software packs a bundle of easy to use features in Leave Management module. Among other
benefits like fetching real time information on the employees and the number of holidays taken
by them, leave balance, leave transaction, leave application tracking, leave summary, one of the
most prominent feature is Single click Approval or Denial of a leave request. Leave
management integrated with Payroll and HRMS software leave no chance of any human error

for payroll calculation. Apart from the benefits, automated leave management system builds an
atmosphere of transparency and trust between employees and employers. A leave
management of such built up is available with Orange which can lay all your worries to rest. If
you still have questions on the automated leave management process, then find your answers
Ask for Orange Payroll and HRMS Software Demo now.

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Orange Technolab Private Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. It has its headquarters in ahmedabad, India.

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