Have you been tracking work productivity of your employees? Has it been easy or you find
gaps in actual work progress? Tracking work productivity is an important task for medium and
large sized organizations. The most common practice is maintaining work productivity in an
Excel Sheet, however, it tends to extend to multiple columns, and the very essence of deriving
quality output from individual employee seems to get lost. Furthermore, it fails to track the
employees’ working hours on daily basis on a single dashboard which business owners can
utilize to analyze the pattern of resource utilization for specific projects. The only solution that
can provide accurate data and powerful insights into how your company spends its time is web
based time tracking software integrated with Payroll software. This can help you make big
improvements in the way your company runs its projects. It not just tracks time spent behind a
project by an employee but also lets you spot which of the employees is most productive and
effective by letting you compare their output and time they spent working. This also means that
you can quickly identify which employee you should reward and spot which employees are
costing your business money through poor performance and time wasting. Identifies the
improvement areas, overview of team tasks, identification of billable hours, efficient project
tracking and simultaneous reduction of overtime costs are some unparallel benefits of web
based time tracking software.
At orange we provide timesheet integrated with our payroll software. It acts as time tracking tool
for measuring work productivity of the employees. In this modern business world, every
business owner is concerned about increased profitability, so in order to stay competitive and
productive, use Orange’s Payroll which provides Timesheet among gamut of other HR software

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