Product Engineering is the way toward improving, structuring, creating, testing and developing a product software that custom software development for the
organization. We include all the relevant Business process understanding and requirement gathering, Creating Documents and wireframes. Project Management methodologies, SDLC and Phases. Implementation methods and change management Post GO Live support to create custom software for client.

Stages followed by Orange Technolab for Product Engineering

  • Ide:

This is the underlying stage, which includes imagining the thought and in the meantime reporting it regarding specification and necessities. At that point the thought is additionally investigated to know whether it merits seeking after or not. In spite of the fact that there may be incredible ideas, it might dependably not seeking later.

  • Structure:

Once the idea is concluded, the following stage is to breath life into the idea by making blueprints and wireframe with proof of concepts. Any enhancements and changes are additionally made in this stage before the structure is settled.

  • Advancement:

The following stage is tied in with creating or gathering of the product. A great deal of consideration is paid to actualizing the undertaking
and overseeing and streamlining costs.

  • Testing:

A created product dependably needs to experience stringent quality checks to approve that the created application meets the proposed use and does not contain any shortcomings. Any such blames should be distinguished amid this stage and after that required changes, alterations or correction is done so as to discharge the item.

  • Deployment:

Once the Software is created, it is then discharged into the market. Input must be gathered from clients to additionally improve the item in the accompanying adaptations. It can likewise be given to outer item analyzers to comprehend the client experience.

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